Let’s support Ali’s film project!

Let’s support Ali’s film project!

28080533_2016800648582592_305781734_o-1521816752Who am I ?

My name is Ali, I’m 26 years old. Coming from Iran, I am now a political refugee in France. In Tehran, I was a film student at the Karnameh Institute of Art and Culture. To finalize my school year and obtain my diploma of director / scriptwriter, I had to make a film. I chose hangings as a theme, which caused me problems and pushed me into exile from my country. In Iran, there are lots of interesting topics, but they are often banned. Hanging and censorship are well-known phenomena in this country. But a film on this theme is almost impossible to shoot, and I wanted to try, without succeeding. Because of this shooting and the chosen subject, I had problems that forced me to choose between leaving the cinema and what I wanted, what I liked to do, or put myself in the row. I am convinced that if there is a problem, it is my duty to speak about it, my convictions, my commitment.

Presentation of the short film

The story of the film is a look at the political issues in Iran. The issues of hanging, censorship and drought are discussed. Iran has wonderful monuments, landscapes, culinary specialties to offer to tourists who flock more and more since the lifting of sanctions in 2015. However, we must not forget that dramatic events occur daily.

What will the collection be used for?

Your participation in this project will be used to finance the smooth running of the film. I will collect the entire collection and make good use of it, without betraying your trust.

Decoration is an important element for the viewer to feel in Iran. We have to rent the technical equipment (camera, light, microphone), take care of the logistics like refund the transport costs and feed the team for two days of filming. Part of the budget will be allocated to this aspect for an amount of 2500 €.

The team will obviously be paid (the director of camera, the sound engineer, the editor, an actor) for an amount of 1000 €.

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Mitrajectoires at the Make Sense Festival

Mitrajectoires at the Make Sense Festival

Saturday April 14th, Mitrajectoires participated in Make Sense festival in Paris and it was really a great experience for us!

We screened the movie “The Bridge”, directed by Babak Inaloo and Ali Haghgooi, as well as the film Ben directed by Michée Marika, Sori Cante in partnership with the Menegua Association and the Collectif des Olieux. We also had a reading of a text by Mohamed Touré!

We thank all those who participated in our fundraising to fund our trip to the event! Many thanks to you, without you our participation would not have been possible!

And for those who want to watch the movies and listen to the story by Mohmed, stay tuned because we plan to organize an event in Lille soon!


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Free training for voluntary in associations: 4 and 7 June, in Lille

Free training for voluntary in associations: 4 and 7 June, in Lille

Are you a volunteer in an association?

Do you want to acquire skills in your areas of intervention?

URIOPSS, with the participation of the County Council of the North, offers free training for associative volunteers on the following theme:

Initiation to computer skills: June 4 and 7, 2018 on LILLE

Click here to download the program of this training

Registration: Download the registration form, fill it out and send it to m.vincent@uriopss-hdf.fr

Mitrajectoires represented at Council of Europe Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education  June to December 2017

Mitrajectoires represented at Council of Europe Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education June to December 2017

Amy Stapleton was selected to represent Association Mitrajectoires and our umbrella organization Voices of Young Refugees in Europe (VYRE) in the 2017 Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education. Running from June to December with online training and an intensive residential seminar, the aim of this programme was to build on the competences of experienced trainers to support them to successfully develop and implement training courses in human rights education, within their youth organisations. It also aimed to advocate for mainstreaming human rights education into youth work and policy.

The training had 36 participants from across Europe and Africa. The participants worked particularly with the 2012 Edition of the Compass Manual but also looked at the Compasito Manual. The training course started by examining the concepts of human rights and understanding human rights education, then looking at programme and activity design, project management and networking. The residential seminar aimed to develop the competences of each trainer specifically looking at developing trainings, different aspects of human right education activities, different target groups, creative methodologies etc. Finally, each member worked on developing a follow up project, supported by the Council of Europe Youth Department and the TOTHRE trainer team. Having reflected and given the opportunity to speak to various experts in the area of human rights education and youth work, the follow up projects were finalized.

For her follow up project, Amy aims to run a number of human rights education workshops with aged-out separated children and their peers in collaboration with Mitrajectoires in the North of France and in Ireland. She is currently working on finalizing a partnership in Ireland and developing the activities in France.

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