PHOTO EXHIBITION: “Être à la marge…marchés et peuple aux frontière$” – 5th to 21st July 2017

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Free Art Workshop: June 29th

Mitrajectoires, in partnership with Fonds D’art Contemporaine Frontière$, invite you all to the Artistic Practices Workshop next Thursday, June 29th, from 3pm to 5:30pm at 59 rue de la Barre, in Lille. The workshop is free and open to everyone. A special invitation to the refugee, migrants for the #RefugeeWeek.

Artistic Practices Workshop with the artist Eva HAGARDE
Thursday June 29th  – from 3pm to 5:30pm
50, rue de la Barre 59000 Lille
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#RefugeeWeek: Project Restitution “Qui suiT je?” – Sunday 25th June 2017



Photo Expo

Regards Interculturels sur les Migrations  affiche-expo-mai-2016-version-3

From the 6th to the 17th June

The Mitrajectoires Association organized a photo exhibition, from the 6th to the 17th June in FORUM Telecom Lille, at th University Lill 1.

How to get there:

Télécom Lille
Cité Scientifique – Campus universitaire de Lille 1
Rue Guglielmo Marconi
59653 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex
Métro Line 1 station “Cité Scientifique” ou “4 Cantons”





Spectacle des Olieux parc olieux lille

Saturday June 4th at la Flerbanterie (16, rue Abélard – Lille)

The journey was organized by and to support young “Isolated foreign minors” from the Olieux the park located in the district of Moulins, Lille. These young people, lacking institutional care, are installed at the Olieux park since June 2015. During the time of administrative evaluation of their “minority”, their daily survival is punctuated by administrative appointments , judicial and police visits .

Faced with this situation, local residents have decided to organize a collective group around them and give them a voice. Several projects have been implemented with the youth of Olieux, in order to value each of hem and above all, to give them an opportunity to express themselves: writing a diary, organizing a photo exhibition , mounting a radio show …. to these projects now added workshops of theater and dance.

We wish to publicly share what has been achieved, during this great day. We would like this time to be carrying their word. These youngs have come to France in order to go to school and continue their education. We wish that this day is also a way of promoting their contacts with schools, and to facilitate their schooling. This is why we want to invite more professors and students of secondary schools of Lille, so that young people, students, teachers can meet and share a friendly and festive moment.


 Photo Expo Ciné + debate

Regards Interculturels on Migration

cartaz-a3-1May 20, 2015 (May 19 to June 6, 2015)

The Mitrajectoires Association organized a photo exhibition, from the 19th May to the 6th June in the hall of students, on the ground floor of the Central Library of the University of Lille.
A vernissage was held Wednesday, May 20th, from 16h, with the film “Between the devil and the deep blue sea,” followed by a debate on the theme “crossed perspectives on different migration experiences.”The exhibition may be re-organized soon. Visit our website for more information!


Cine Debate – African migration to Europe and elsewhere

photoafficheJanuary 15, 2015

Dakar, Senegal
Projection La Pirogue

“No movie theater in Dakar? We bring the cinema with us!
Mitrajectoires organized the screening of La Pirogue in the small soccer field of a Dakar neighborhood. The opportunity for students from different backgrounds and for residents of all ages to follow the characters of the Senegalese director Moussa Toure in their pirogue trip to European shores.
The opportunity also to discuss illegal migration to Europe, risks and opportunities, reasons for migration, even dangerous, expectations, results, consequences for families back home, negative as positive,

During the debate, some animosity towards Europe, which show how it yet ever more difficult to cross borders. A sign of frustration related to the African governments, that do too little to retain their youth and give me a brighter future. Students, footballers and other young workers shared after the film a certain pessimism about future opportunities, particularly in terms of employment. They also denounced the pressure of some Western countries about their leaders, exploiting the continent’s resources to the detriment of developing these countries. Among other elements that lead some to leave. The apparent success felt back home, due to the money sent from abroad by others, often mask the more negative discourse on the real difficulties experienced by African migrants abroad. “You can always get along here, we should not take such risks” is one of the phrases that we retain the debate.

The possibilities of “get by” in the countries of origin exist. Perhaps. Is this reason enough to prevent a person, because of his nationality or economic status, beyond the limits of his country, to want to try something else to look elsewhere? Man is by nature a migrant, we must not forget. That deserves other projections, other discussions, other meetings, other trips …
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« I am not for sale »

International Day for Street Children: Turda, Romania


By Amy Stapleton (Mitrajectoires), in partnership with the Ratiu Centre of Democracy