2017/ 2018

Project of accompaniment to administrative procedures of common law with the refugee students of the University of Lille, inhabitants of Galois

This project is carried and implemented by Isabela Santos and Marine Dori. Period: Since November 2017

Objective and target: To help refugee students and asylum seekers enrolled on the Lille University system to become familiar with the administrative platforms, application procedures for allocation, tickets and so on. In short, make them autonomous in their different approaches to everyday life.

Participants: The two project leaders are assisted by 5 student volunteers and 4 resource persons among the students. 10 people used the device during the 3 permanences.

Activities carried out:
– Meetings (presentation, Adoma staff, Universities)
– Training and self-training activities
– Permanence at the University of Lille 3

Intercultural sport project – football as an intercultural vector

This project is carried and implemented by Alseny Sacko, Nicolas Lindon and Victor Beaucamp with the support of Singa and Mitrajectoires associations. Period: Since October 2017.

The main objective of this project is to create an atmosphere where living together takes precedence over the competitive aspect of sport: facilitating interaction, exchange and sharing through football

Objectives and expected results:
1. Use the unifying aspect of sport
2. Contribute to the promotion of football: mutual respect, fair play, fight against violence.
3. Promoting diversity by fostering interaction and creating conditions for communication between people and different cultures
4. Ultimate goal: to live together

Affected public:
The idea is to mix students with different backgrounds, hence the intercultural dimension (bringing students from “Galois” and “Boucher” residences together with Lille students).

Artistic project: “Photo-drawing-painting activities for the creation of self-portraits with young unaccompanied minors”

Captura de Tela 2018-02-18 às 18.38.24This project was proposed and implemented by Leidy Luz Jalk Barrios. Period: January to June 2017

Objective and public: The objective of the project was to share interculturality through artistic languages with young migrants in Lille.

The intended public was:  The young unaccompanied minors of the Olieux collective;  The isolated foreign minor girls met thanks to the collective work of various associations on Lille;  Refugees from Calais housed in the residence Galois.

Participants: Young boys and girls from Guinea Conakry, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Congo.

Activities carried out:
– Language classes for young boys from the Olieux Collective
– Conversation in French from Visual and Visual Arts Tools
– Creation of life stories from the drawing
– Sessions pictures drawings and painting
– Realization of a fresco with girls

Project «Qui suiT je? – Dreaming our Migrations »

Captura de Tela 2018-02-18 às 18.41.34This project was proposed and implemented by Aurélie Demol accompanied by the Au Pied Levé Collective in collaboration with AFS France. Period: March to June 2017

Objective and target audience: To meet oneself by meeting the other- To valorise the culture of young people of different migratory trajectories through the meeting and the creation of a common culture using tools and discipline such as music, movement, theater, plastic art etc …

Participants: This project saw the participation of 8 young people, 5 of whom were from AFS (young foreign high school students in intercultural exchange in France), and 3 young unaccompanied minors. These young people come from: Italy, Japan, Costa Rica, Chile, India and Guinea Conakry

Project “Development of a booklet to help and facilitate the teaching of French classes by volunteers to migrants”

This project was proposed and implemented by Thibault Gamard. Period: January to May 2017

Objective and target: The project aimed at producing a teaching booklet that would allow volunteers to have a theoretical and practical basis for providing French lessons to young, isolated migrants.

Participants: Migrants of Sudanese, Syrian and Pakistani origin, 17 to 40 years old

Activities carried out:
– Teaching cards have been designed with descriptions of courses, how to ask questions and explain etc.
– Teaching cards are tested with migrants
– Exercises were conducted with migrants

Project “Improving the understanding of the administrative procedures of young unaccompanied minors”

Captura de Tela 2018-02-18 às 19.01.15This project was proposed and implemented by Mohamed Camara supported by Amy Stapleton and Domitile Roucou. Period: July to August 2017

Objective and target: To compile and make available information on unaccompanied minor minors, young asylum seekers, youth in evaluation, youth in recourse, young unrecognized minors etc.

Participants: Young people from the Collectif des Olieux and others, most of them Cameroonian, Congolese, Ivorian, Guinean, Senegalese, Malian, Angolan and some from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Results Achieved: A guide has been developed for the youth pubic and associations. It contains the following elements: the first steps to be recognized as minors, the important elements to know about health and schooling.

This guide is available on this link.


2016/ 2017

Creating Smiles in Calais

creating smiles in calais 1The workshops have included activities on puppet making and puppet shows, painting and art creation, storytelling, relaxation techniques, games and much more! We have been getting very excited children coming back to us ready for more fun. As well as education and psychosocial support through these workshops we want to ensure that we have a point of contact with the children to enable the best protection possible.

We are increasing in size very quickly with many experts in areas such as specialist child education, social support and art therapy becoming quickly interested. In our weekly meetings, we share our experiences, challenges faced and potential solutions. In November, we begin our weekly training which enables all involved to become as skilled as possible before going to Calais and during their work. The first trainings will include preparation for the field, active listening, intercultural communication and workshop management.

We have been very lucky to have Refugee Child sponsor our activities allowing us to carry out this work effectively and efficiently. We sincerely appreciate every single donation, big or small. These go along way into ensuring the best response is provided for the children and youth living in the Jungle.

We want to applaud all our partners who ensure that these and all projects in the Jungle go without a hitch. We know that each of you have played a big impact in the role we have so far in this community.

Ccreating smiles in calais 2

Support for the Collectif du Parc des Olieux

In the neighborhood of ​​Lille Sud, Moulins, an hour from Calais, a public park has been transformed in June 2015 in the area occupied by an increasingly large number of isolated migrant children. Today they are one hundred, and the majority comes from sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East countries. War, poverty or simply looking for a getaway better future, these young migrants from the Parc des Olieux are constantly faced by the City and Department Administration  in their bureaucratic procedures for obtaining permission to stay, or the Statute of Refugees or asylum. Police checks, unjustified stays in detention centers and extreme living conditions are part of their reality.

Nevertheless, their situation they have not left indifferent a group of youths who met in a Collective, the Collectif des Olieux, of which our association takes part. Together, we are committed with offering first aid in the field (food, blankets, tents, heating from the field, etc.); for a health and legal accompaniment; but we also aim to offer them some leisure activities such as music, dance, photography and theater workshops, as well as languages courses in French and English.

par ces olieux