Mitrajectoires was launched in 2013 as a result of a general meeting regarding prolific and enthusiastic ideas and resolutions about the international scenario. Since this first moment,  our association obtained the official approvals necessary to its existence and organizes itself nowadays in order to implement various activities and these website will be our main source of information.

Based in Lille (in France), but acting in different countries, our Organization aims to build   strong and productive connections between the different classes of the Erasmus Mundus Master but also promoting the  values of  interculturalism in the different countries that the members of the Master Degree will visit and also in the countries that they come from, contributing -directly or indirectly – to the improvement of the living conditions of migrants in difficulty.

The great domain of our organization is also related to those of the  Erasmus Mundus Master Mitra:Identities, Mobility and Conflict. It involves each of us, independently of where we are or come from. We are all Concerned by migration, along our personal path or after our regular contact with migrants and it inevitably influences our lives.

We aim to publish, in this website, the rapport of the activities we organize, as well as publications from the members of the Association and a detailed rapport of the projects we develop. This website has, as its main objective, to be a rich source of information for those interested in these questions.

We really appreciate your interest and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to visit our Projects Page or to send us a message.